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Thursday May 10, 2012 Results

The first night of racing is complete! Jonathan raced in Willmar for the season opener. In the heat, he took 6th. In the B-feature, he also took 6th. He took 15th in the feature. It was a good night to get the feel for the new car and see how things are running. Look forward to Sunday!

Doug didn’t race and had fun helping Jonathan with his car.

Doug’s Car goes Dirt

Doug’s car is a 1980 Malibu that he raced on asphalt. He plans to convert it to a dirt track car. He says it needs a change in the suspension and some frame work to be converted to the dirt track rules. These are only a few things but they will take time.

He really just wants to get the car out on the track to have some fun!!

Jonathan is Gearing Up

Jonathan is racing a Wissota Mid-West Mod again this year. He is having “US Ethanol” as his theme on the car for the 2012 season as his car is powered by E-98.

His focus is to include as many ethanol plants in the mid-west as he can by making appearances at the plants to display the car. With these appearances, he plans to race at the most local tracks near these plants to support Ethanol in our local sanctions.

Also, he is planning to compete in a Minnesota based Governor’s Ethanol Challenge series race.